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Mudita OS 1.6.0

In this release, we have focused on improving the technical aspects of our product. The changes and improvements made open up the possibility for us to add new features more efficiently. In addition, the release provides a new, safe, efficient and error-proof update, backup, restore, and factory reset process.

Moreover, we fixed 35 bugs.


  • Improved dialog with network via USSD codes.

  • Added serial number and timestamp to crashdump filename.

  • Changed order of starting services, ServiceDesktop moved to the back.


SIM Cards:

  • Fixed disappearing "confirm" button on the PIN entering screen.

  • Fixed looping on the SIM card selection screen.

  • Fixed French translation for SIM card texts.

  • Fixed the inability to unlock a SIM card when previously ejected during slot switching.

  • Fixed VoLTE switch availability after taking out SIM card.


  • Fixed adding and deleting country code prefix to existing contacts.

  • Fixed manually-typed emergency contact calls.

  • Fixed unwanted Mudita Center passcode prompt after a long press of '#' while dialing.


  • Fixed text not showing when adding/editing contact if the text began with the 'j' glyph.

  • Fixed OS crash when editing a contact by adding a country prefix to the number.

Music Player:

  • Fixed crashing due to invalid music file tags.

  • Fixed the displaying of the full filesystem path invalid files instead of just the filename.

  • Fixed a problem with the track info not being displayed correctly.


  • Fixed the paste option showing with an empty clipboard.

  • Fixed the notes window title.

  • Fixed backspace behavior in text editing.


  • Fixed displaying an improper message text after pasting it from the clipboard.

  • Fixed the message content being deleted when the phone mode was changed in the new message window.


  • Fixed crashing when handling USSD codes.

  • Fixed wrong navigation bar state after exiting from the alarm custom repeat window.

  • Fixed French translations for the Unlock Screen.

  • Fixed crashing when syncing with Mudita Center.

  • Fixed French translations on the "Configure passcode" screen during Onboarding.

  • Fixed navigation through the ringtone preview list to automatically switch playback to the currently selected option.


  • Fixed inactive alarms after timezone change and reboot.


  • Fixed no sound when Bluetooth audio device connected/disconnected during a call.

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