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How to Check What OS Version is Currently Installed on Your Pure?

You can check what version of Mudita OS you currently have installed on your Pure in the phone's menu or through our desktop application Mudita Center.

How To Check the Pure’s OS Version in the Phone’s Menu

Short description:

Follow this path on your Pure:

Menu > Settings > System > About your Pure

Detailed instructions:

  • Turn on the phone or unlock it if necessary.

  • Click on the central function key to enter the Menu.

  • Move to the “Settings” section (visible in the bottom-right corner of the Menu) and click “Select”.

  • Move down to the “System” section (visible at the bottom of the list) and click “Select”.

  • Enter the “About your Pure” section from the top of the list by clicking “Select”

  • Your phone’s OS version will now be visible, along with other information like the model version, serial number and IMEI.

How To Check the Pure’s OS Version Through Mudita Center

  • Please open Mudita Center on your computer and connect your Pure with the USB-C cable included with the phone (or another similar cable).

  • When the phone is recognized, Mudita Center should start out by synchronizing with the Pure. Please wait for this process to complete.

  • After a successful sync, Mudita Center will display the “Overview” section and show an image of your phone, along with various information about it.

  • Please refer to the MuditaOS section in the middle of the window to check the currently-installed OS version on your Pure. You will also find the option to check for new updates and install them within this section.

Mudita Center is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can click here to download Mudita Center.

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