You can update your Mudita Pure or Harmony directly from the default screen that appears when you connect your device to Mudita Center.

How to Update Your Mudita Product:

  • Connect your Mudita Pure or Harmony to your computer with a USB-C cable and make sure that Mudita Center runs on your computer and recognizes your device.

  • In the "MuditaOS" subsection of the "Overview" section, you can see what version of the system is currently installed on your device. To the right of the current version, you will either see a "You're up to date" or "Update is available" notification.

  • If an update is available, click on "Download Now". When the update is fully downloaded, click to begin the installation.

  • Wait for the update process to complete. Keep your device connected to the computer until the update is finished. You should see a confirmation message in Mudita Center once it's done and your device will automatically restart.

  • When your device turns back on after the restart, it's ready to use with the newest system version installed.

Click to here to find out what to do when an update fails.

Sequential Update

Some system releases can be installed only if the device is already running the previous software version. In these situations, a direct update from an older version is not possible. Instead, you would go through a sequential update, which will automatically take you through all the necessary steps to upgrade by multiple versions at once.

The instructions for a sequential update will be mostly the same as for a regular one, but:

  • The update prompt will be slightly different and include a list of all the versions that will be installed in sequence.

  • In most cases, you can simply click to begin the process, then wait for it to complete. It will take longer than a single update, but all stages will happen automatically.

  • The exception that would require your input during the process is if you're updating a Mudita Pure that is secured by a passcode. In that situation, you will be asked to provide the code after each updated version before the process can continue to the next one.


Remember not to use or unplug your Pure or Harmony from the computer during the update process (singular or sequential). The procedure can take several minutes to complete. Disrupting the update process can corrupt the device's system, rendering it unusable.

Final notes:

  • There are sometimes rare situations when the update will be confirmed on a Mudita Harmony, but Mudita Center will continue to indefinitely display the message that it’s still in progress. If you encounter this bug, you can safely disconnect your Harmony as long as its screen no longer shows that it’s updating and instead the clock has restarted after the update.

  • We recommend checking for software updates via Mudita Center regularly to have your Pure or Harmony perform its best and to get access to all the latest bug fixes and improvements.