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What Makes the Mudita Pure Secure?

The Mudita Pure is a very secure phone with a proprietary system that receives digitally-signed updates and doesn't support third-party applications. The phone also has no internet access, so the user can't be tracked online.

Mudita OS

We developed our own operating system, Mudita OS, and chose the open-source, real-time operating system kernel FreeRTOS®️ as our starting point. Mudita OS gets digitally signed updates to make sure no one can alter it, which is a unique feature for a classic phone.

Limited Features, Limited Risk

There is no camera and no internet browser. The Pure does not use GPS or support any third-party applications. The user can have calls and texts tracked by their carrier, which is the case for all mobile phones. No other tracking is possible with the Pure.

Bluetooth if off by default and needs to be activated by the user. It also turns off automatically when it's not used for 10 minutes.

SMS Messaging

When it comes to texting, we have no encryption. We are using the SMS standard, which does not support encryption.

Mudita Center

The only link between your data and the outside world is the Mudita Center desktop app (for MacOS, Linux and Windows), which enables you to synchronize your data with your computer. Mudita Center can only connect to the internet to receive secure digitally-signed updates of the operating system. Its other purpose is synchronizing your data,  using selected Mudita OS tools on your laptop/desktop machine. We assure you that we do our best to secure our operating system and desktop app.

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