In our latest release, we're excited to introduce VoLTE functionality as a beta feature for our users in Poland.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a beta version, we can't guarantee seamless performance for every user.  This is due to our ultra-low SAR antenna - that means that there are hardware limitations, which affect network connectivity, something that we cannot always overcome.

In addition to the VoLTE feature, we've enhanced device stability concerning frequency scaling and have addressed 11 bugs in our application.



  • Added VoLTE support in Poland - beta feature.

Changed/ Improved:


  • Improved device stability related to frequency scaling.


  • Disabled calls when the phone number field is empty.

  • Modified roaming indicator to display domestic roaming as the home network.



  • Resolved unsupported character issues in multiple quotes.


  • Addressed a problem where the screen wouldn't lock when the app is inactive.

Music Player:

  • Optimized timer refresh in the Music Player app.