In this update, we're excited to announce some new additions and improvements to the Mudita Harmony alarm clock. You can now add customized sounds (mp3, wav, and FLAC) and play them in Relaxation mode. This feature is accessible using Mudita Center version 2.0.0 or higher. In an effort to boost the stability of your computer connection, we've deactivated the charging feature when your device is connected to a computer. This change will enhance the reliability of the connection. Moreover, we've made several adjustments to the icon layout for an improved user experience. Also, we've fixed 12 bugs to ensure smooth operation.


Here's a detailed rundown of our enhancements and fixes:


Home Screen:

  • Added information about Harmony's connection status to the computer on the Home Screen.

UX/UI Improvements:

  • Updated the layout of battery status icons for improved visibility.

  • Incorporated missing translations in French.

  • Optimized Harmony's battery life for longer usage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the alarm editing mode from turning off, causing the Harmony home screen not to return to its initial state after a certain time.

  • Corrected a problem where the time format wasn't displayed in the 12-hour format on the screen.


  • Fixed errors that occurred when updating to Harmony 1.9.0.


We appreciate your continuous feedback and support. 

Thanks for being part of the Mudita community.