In this release, our main focus was on resolving bugs. We have successfully fixed a total of 17 bugs in our system. Here are the specific improvements we made:


  • Fixed an issue with the alarm stopping during an incoming call and not working after trying to appear during a phone call.


  • Improved how long messages are displayed in list view.

  • Improved the performance of the copy function in the messages application.


  • Fixed an issue where some contacts were not displayed when scrolling through the contact list.

  • Improved the detection of duplicate contact numbers.


  • Improved the display of unsupported characters.


  • Fixed random phone crashes when connecting to the Mudita Center application.

  • Improved battery performance.

  • Improved the process of sending files to the phone.

  • Technical improvements in the bootloader and charging driver.

  • Improved the handling of the onboarding process when connecting the phone to the Mudita Center application for the first time.



  • Fixed an issue that caused the phone to lock automatically if no action was taken when rejecting a call using an SMS template.

Lock screen:

  • Fixed the phone lock working after entering the wrong password 3 times from the Mudita Center application.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the sound of an incoming call to continue ringing on a Bluetooth device after the caller ended the call on the Pure.