In this release, our main focus was on resolving bugs. We have successfully fixed a total of 40 bugs in our system. Here are the specific improvements we made:



  • Added missing translations for Bluetooth connection status.

  • Included a missing translation in French.


  • EULA Window: Implemented scrolling by a few lines at once.



  • Resolved an issue where pressing the BACK button from the "add new number" view would redirect to the dial number view.

  • Fixed a bug causing ghost calls after quickly clicking the back key to end a call.

  • Corrected the handling of USSD initiated by the "#" symbol.

  • Fixed an issue where a previously closed USSD session was not displayed correctly when using a new USSD code.

  • Addressed problems related to handling MMI/USSD codes.


  • Rectified misleading SMS notification text that incorrectly indicated the number of unread messages.

  • Fixed the automatic pasting of forwarded messages into the text input field.

  • Restored missing new message notifications.

  • Resolved unresponsive behavior of the Templates window after templates were modified via MC.

  • Fixed the Template window clearing after removing all templates.

  • Corrected the marking of new messages as read in the Messages app main window.


  • Aligned the time limit of the pop-up volume window with the pop-up phone mode window.

  • Fixed random crashes that occurred when turning off the phone.

  • Eliminated unneeded deep refresh in empty lists (Alarm/Message/Contacts/Notes).

  • Improved support for shortening multi-line strings in dialogue titles.

  • Addressed occasional USB crashes that happened when the USB cable was disconnected during file uploads.


  • Fixed search engine labels.

  • Resolved the issue of accessing contacts during onboarding in progress.


  • Corrected the abbreviations of days of the week in Polish.

Music Player:

  • Fixed a problem causing the device to become unresponsive after playing specific WAV files.

By addressing these bugs and making necessary improvements, we aim to provide a smoother and more reliable experience for our users.