In this release, we have focused on improving the overall performance of our system by fixing various bugs. We are pleased to share that we have resolved a total of 50 bugs. Below are the specific changes and improvements we have made:



  • We now always display the network access technology and signal strength on the status bar, making it easier for you to check your network status.

  • We have added meditation parameters to non-volatile memory to help you keep track of your meditation progress.

  • Legal documents are now available in French, Spanish, and Swedish, with the addition of missing translations.


  • The tethering icon on the status bar has been updated for a better user experience.


  • The duration of the phone modes pop-up has been shortened from 3 seconds to 1 second for a smoother user experience.

  • We have updated the responses in contacts and messages endpoints used to communicate with Mudita Center.


  • We have added an SMS template call rejection window for cases when no templates are defined.

  • Days of the week are now available in the list of SMS, calls, and notes.

  • The date formatting of received/sent SMS has been added for better clarity.


  • We have changed the unknown character glyph to the one matching the design, making the UI more consistent.

  • Unified gray color tones have been implemented when displaying texts for a cleaner, more cohesive look.



  • The alarm clock will no longer ring on the low battery screen.

  • The display of data on the snooze alarm screen has been fixed.


  • We have fixed a problem with importing contacts from the SIM card.

  • You can now add a contact again with the country code omitted.

  • The asterisk button behavior in contacts has been fixed.

  • The contact search list will now update properly when returning to the list after contact edition.


  • We have fixed a problem with marking messages as read.

  • Notifications of deleted unread SMS threads on the home screen have been fixed.

  • The message received time will no longer disappear in the SMS thread.

  • Misleading SMS flow has been fixed.

  • Window redirection when clicking on the SMS icon has been fixed.

  • Screen ghosting after emoji selection has been fixed.


  • Unwanted notifications during a call have been fixed.

  • The call log scrollbar has been fixed.

  • The display of an invalid window at the end of a call has been fixed.

  • Navigation around contact adding has been fixed.

  • Returning to the call screen from a message template has been fixed.

  • The missing tick mark in the ringtones list has been fixed.

  • The invalid screen after a missed call has been fixed.


  • Incorrect fonts in the navigation bar have been fixed.

  • We have fixed the crash on power off with a USB cable connected.

  • The long turn-off time has been fixed.

  • The right arrow behavior in the search field has been fixed.

  • The incorrect display of the time format has been fixed.

  • The unnecessary workaround for system reboot has been removed.

Home Screen:

  • The broken events counter for 99+ events has been fixed.

Music Player:

  • The crashing of the Music Player due to deletion of the currently playing file has been fixed.


  • The incorrectly functioning button with a minus sign has been fixed.