In this release, we have streamlined the process of selecting SIM cards and changing cards PIN codes on SIM cards. We have added information about tethering to the status bar. Also in this release, we provided users in the United States with messaging and calling support using VoLTE technology. Also we added the ability to quickly enable and disable functionality in the settings. Moreover, we fixed 12 bugs.



  • Added text message support via VoLTE modem


  • Call support via VoLTE for users in the US

Home Screen:

  • Added tethering info on status bar


SIM Cards:

  • Change windows flow in SIM settings

  • Improved support for reinserting the SIM card into the device during SIM setup



  • Fixed MTP integration

  • Fixed incorrect total CPU usage in logs

SIM Cards:

  • Fixed disappearing button in PIN entering screen

  • Restored notifications about PIN changes

  • Fixed windows flow after PIN mistakes

Music Player:

  • Fixed music files extensions case sensitivity


  • Fixed locked password wallpaper behavior


  • Fixed access to the phone before going onboarding


  • Fixed the phone hanging up after receiving an empty SMS message