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Mudita OS 1.3.0

In this release, we added battery and network status notifications for the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. We have added the option to remove all calls from the call list. In Mudita OS version 1.3.0, we have increased Pure's life on battery and moreover improved the stability of the system. We have completed the missing translations for the quotes. Furthermore, we fixed 64 bugs in our system.



  • Battery and network status notifications for Hands-Free Profile (HFP)


  • Option to remove all calls from the call list


  • Added missing translations


Pure’s life on battery:

  • Reduced USB stack's power consumption

  • Pure battery life tweaks

  • Power management improvements


  • Updated translations

  • Improved phone number handling


  • Improved device pairing process

  • Improved infotainment compatibility


  • UI change (fonts)


  • Improved audio stability



  • Fixed bug of disappearing text while editing contacts


  • Fixed issue of Bluetooth not turning off after 10 minutes of inactivity

  • Fixed issue with devices appearing in the list of paired devices

  • Fixed issue with the failure to disconnect the call using the hardware buttons of the BT device

  • Fixed issue with needing to enter a code when pairing Pure with wireless headphones

  • Fixed problem with Pure reconnecting to Bluetooth device after disconnecting it

  • Fixed problem with disconnecting Pure with Bluetooth devices

  • Fixed problem with switching to the ongoing call screen immediately when connection is in progress


  • Fixed problem with rejecting calls using message template

  • Fixed problem of no audio for incoming calls/messages

  • Fixed issue with the display of a notification on a call from private number

  • Fixed problem with the failure to reject an incoming call after selecting a message template

  • Fixed problem with the failure to finish an outgoing call when it is rejected

  • Fixed problem with handling calls using a headset

Music Player:

  • Fixed issue with playback pausing when an unsupported format file appears in the playlist

  • Fixed problem with unable to resume audio playback after connecting a headset

  • Fixed problem with phone’s reboots while listening .wav/mp3


  • Fixed problem of loading quotes when displayed as wallpaper


  • Fixed issue with Pure screen refresh after the phone is inactive for a long time

Pure’s life on battery:

  • Fixed issue with the phone freezing when the battery is very low while charging


  • Fixed issues with the phone connecting to the network after turning it on


  • Fixed flashlight shutdown in critical low-power event


  • Fixed issue with the alarm list not updating after adding a new alarm


  • Fixed functionality of adding contacts from the message screen


  • Fixed bug of incoming call notifications appearing during tethering

  • Fixed problem with popup after plugging USB even if no SIM is present


  • Fixed problem with Pure unlocks after a missed call from favorite contact

  • Fixed problem with Pure’s freezes on the Onboarding screen

  • Fixed no refresh of cellular signal bar after startup

  • Fixed problem with phone spontaneously unlocking when switching from DND to Connected mode

  • Fixed problem factory reset from bootloader

SIM Card

  • Fixed problem with SIM card reading when switching it in settings


  • Fixed wrong calendar dates


  • Fixed problem with saving notes


  • Fixed problem with restoring the backup


  • Fixed problem with keyboard buttons hanging up

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