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Starting Out with a New Mudita Harmony

When you first receive a new Mudita Harmony, we recommend starting out by charging the device for at least 2-3 hours.

Transportation Mode

When your new Harmony arrives, it should be in transportation mode and display “Mudita Harmony is switched OFF” on its screen. You should be able to activate the device by light-clicking the main button/knob.

Charging the Battery

If your Harmony is not in transportation mode and does not react to your attempts to turn it on, it most likely has an empty battery. This applies to situations when the screen is either blank or is showing a crossed-out battery icon. The Harmony can be charged with a 5V USB charger or a computer's USB port. It can potentially have trouble using fast chargers that support variable voltage.

The USB chargers that can be ordered with our alarm clocks should charge them without issues.

Keeping The System Updated

After charging your Harmony's battery, we recommend that you update its software to the latest version using Mudita Center, our desktop application available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can download the installer for Mudita Center here: https://mudita.com/products/software-apps/mudita-center/

Keeping the Harmony up to date is important to ensure it performs its best and to get access to all the latest features, bug fixes and improvements.

Click here for a detailed instruction on how to update your Mudita Harmony.

More Information On Charging and Activation

If you're unable to charge or activate your new Mudita Harmony, click here for more information on troubleshooting the issue.

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