In this release, we focused on fixing bugs. We resolved 8 issues to ensure smoother operation of the Harmony.


  • Resolved an issue with the meditation countdown timer when a deep press is performed.

  • Smoothed out the screen refresh process when turning on the device.

  • Fixed the snooze icon not disappearing when the alarm is deactivated.

  • Solved the problem of incorrect messages shown after changing the alarm settings in some scenarios.

  • Removed the possibility of an OS crash when checking the update package size.

  • Fixed errors that occured when trying to upload music files with graphics in the metadata through Mudita Center.


  • Files not fully transferred via Mudita Center will be now removed if the USB cable is unplugged.


  • Improved the display time of the "turn off" window.

  • Hardware faults during device startup now result in shutdown and a more user-friendly message.

  • Changed the appearance of the display when the bettery is discharged.