In this update, we've enhanced the "About" section under Settings to provide more detailed information about your device. We've also resolved 19 bugs to improve your overall experience.

Settings - About:

  • Now displays Serial Number and Device Version for easier identification and support.

Pre-Wake Up:

  • Fixed an issue where the backlight remained on after deactivating the alarm.


  • Removed a redundant confirmation screen that appeared when exiting the alarm settings.

  • Fixed an issue where alarm sounds wouldn't turn off after a deep press to deactivate.

Home Screen:

  • Resolved an issue where the shutdown confirmation window didn't appear during system shutdown.

  • Fixed an issue that triggered the backlight upon automatically returning to the Home Screen.


  • Completed missing translations, including diacritical marks, for all languages.


  • Fine-tuned the relaxation timer to behave correctly when the currently playing sound is removed from the Harmony.

  • Improved the display for long music file names to ensure better readability.


  • Refreshed the onboarding screens for a smoother user experience.