In this release, we focused on bugfixes. We have resolved 22 bugs that previously occurred in the Mudita Center application.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of what's new and improved:

File Manager:

  • Improved the mechanism for calculating memory space taken for each section after uploading music files to the device.

  • Fixed an issue that didn't allow uploading more than 100 files to the Harmony.


  • Fixed an issue causing deleted messages and contacts to be displayed.


  • Improved the Pure's low-battery communication with Mudita Center.

  • Resolved an issue with incidental connection problems with the Mudita Harmony.


  • Fixed the passcode lock that triggers after three wrong entries.


  • Fixed an issue causing the template deletion status window to close without approving any of the actions.

  • Fixed a problem with displaying templates that contain blank lines.


  • Sequential update download paths have been streamlined for the Mudita Pure and Harmony.

  • Fixed the consistency of Harmony battery status icons with the icons displayed in Mudita Center.


  • Fixed a problem that caused the Mudita Center application update process to be interrupted by displaying a message about an available operating system update.


  •  Fixed the display of articles in the Help section when the Mudita Center application is offline.

About, Update:

  • Improved the functionality of verifying available updates in the background when the Mudita Center application is offline and messages are displayed.