In our latest update, we've made some improvements to the technical aspects of Mudita Harmony. We also made it easier and safer for you to update and reset your device without errors. Additionally, we addressed 5 issues which were causing problems.

Here are some of the specific changes we made: 



  • We switched the filesystem to one called ext4.

  • We improved the process for updating your device.

  • We changed the updater tool to make it more efficient.



  • We fixed a problem with the relaxation feature not working properly when paused.

Pre - wake up:

  • We fixed issues with the frontlight intensity not matching the digital indicator.


  • We added missing French translations to improve the user experience


  • We made some minor firmware fixes and optimizations.

Overall, this update should make your experience with Mudita Harmony smoother and more enjoyable.

To update your Harmony, it’s important to make sure your Mudita Center is updated to the latest version of 1.7.0