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Managing Messages In Mudita Center

Mudita Center can be used to manage the SMS messages on your Pure. This includes viewing, sending, and deleting messages.

Accessing Text Messages in Mudita Center

Open Mudita Center and connect your Pure to your computer with the included USB-C cable. After the application is done syncing with your phone, go to the "Messages" section in the menu on the left:

Writing and Sending Messages

In the messages section in Mudita Center, click on the converstation that you'd like to open. You can also click "New Message" to create a new messaging thread with any phone number or search for your contacts and open conversations with them.

When a conversation is open, you can type your message in the bar at the bottom of the window. To send your message, press Enter/Return or click the "Send message" icon:

The two icons on the left are for attaching contacts and text templates to your message.

Deleting Single Messages

To delete individual messages with Mudita Center in any conversation, click to open one of the conversations, then hover your cursor over the message that you want to delete and click on the triple-dot icon that appears:

In the menu that appears, click "Delete Message", then click "Delete" when you're prompted to confirm your choice.

Deleting Whole Messaging Threads

When you open a conversation, you can delete the entire thread by clicking the bin icon:

You can also select one or more threads from the Messages menu without entering any of them. You can then delete all selected conversations at once by clicking the "Delete" button on the gray bar in the upper part of the window:

After you click to delete one or more conversations, you will be prompted confirm your choice. Click "Delete" to irreversibly remove the selected conversations.

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