There are 2 ways to reset the Harmony:

Soft reset

  • A soft reset is the first thing we recommend that you try if your clock ever stops responding for any reason. It helps restart the device while keeping all of your settings.
  • To perform a soft reset, please press both side buttons (frontlight and back) at the same time and hold them down for about 5-10 seconds.

    Release the buttons as the Mudita logo shows up on the screen. The Harmony will then reload.

  • If your Harmony does not restart with the help of this procedure, there's a chance that it's out of battery power.
    Click here for more information on charging your Harmony.

Factory reset

  • A factory reset allows the user to revert the Harmony to its factory settings.
  • This means all your personalized alarm, sound, and frontlight settings will be erased and the clock will go back to default settings.
  • A factory reset will not revert OS updates. Your harmony will still be running the same software version as before the reset.
  • To perform a factory reset:
    • Light click the main knob when displaying the home screen to enter the menu
    • Twist the knob to scroll down to "Settings", then light click to select
    • Scroll down to "Factory reset" and light click to select
    • Choose yes and confirm with a light click
    • When the reset completes, the Harmony will remain turned off in transportation mode
    • When turned on, the clock will enter the initial configuration menu