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Using the Buttons and Navigating the Menu

The Mudita Harmony is controlled by the 3 buttons located on top of the device: the main knob, back button, and light button.

Main knob (central button)

Used to enter and navigate the menu, turn the alarm on and off, and operate the snooze function.

There are 3 ways to interact with the knob - a light click, deep press, and rotation.

Light click:

  • Gently push the main knob, enough to feel a click, but not to change the knob's position

  • Used to enter the menu from the main screen

  • Accepts the current selection, allowing the user to confirm choices and move forward within the menu

  • Activates the snooze function when the alarm is ringing

Deep press:

  • Press the main knob in deeper, allowing the knob to shift through its positions

  • Used to activate and deactivate the alarm

  • When the orange band is visible, the alarm is on

  • When the orange band is hidden, the alarm is off


  • Twist the main knob left and right to navigate the interface

  • Used to move around in the menu

  • Can be used to adjust the alarm time when used from the home screen

  • Can activate the snooze function when the alarm is ringing, just like a light click

Side Buttons

Back button:

  • Used to return to the previous screen or step

  • Long-press the back button on the home screen to check the battery status

  • Long-press the back button in any part of the menu to return to the home screen

Light button:

  • Used to turn the frontlight on and off in frontlight on demand mode.

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