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Charging and Activating the Mudita Harmony or Harmony 2

When your Harmony or Harmony 2 is a new unit or when it runs out of battery power, we recommend charging the alarm clock for at least 1 hour, preferrably 2-3 hours before using it.

New Clocks Arrive in Transportation Mode

If your Harmony or Harmony 2 is new or after a factory reset, it should be in a state called Transportation Mode. The clock's display will show "Charge Harmony and press light click".

Although it's possible to activate the clock if it has at least some battery power, we recommend plugging it in to charge for at least one hour first. The clock will not show any signs of charging in Transportation Mode, but it should still charge when plugged in.

Transportation Mode is meant to prevent the clock from accidentally turning on in transit, which would lead to its battery getting depleted. This is why activating a Harmony in this state includes an extra step compared to when the clock is simply turned off. Here is what needs to be done:

  • To activate your clock, please start with a light click of the main button, as suggested by the message displayed on the screen.

  • The Harmony will start loading. Its screen should light up and display the Mudita logo.

  • After a short while, the clock will display a menu with a choice to turn it on or off.

  • Press the light button to confirm turning on your Harmony or the back button to return to Transportation Mode

  • If neither button is pressed within a few seconds, the clock will also return to Transportation Mode by default.

Recharging and Activating With an Empty Battery

If your Harmony ran out of power during use, it should show a crossed-out battery icon. The clock will have to be charged before it's possible to turn it on. Please be aware that the displayed empty battery icon won't change when the clock is plugged in, even when it's charging correctly.

If the battery was completely empty, the clock also might not be able to activate immediately after being plugged in. Please let it charge for at least one hour, then light-click the main button to turn it on. If the light click won't work, you can also try a soft reset, done by pressing both side buttons at the same time and holding them down for about 10 seconds.

Occasionally, a clock that was deeply discharged might also start on its own once it reaches a sufficient battery level.

Clock Won't Charge or Activate?

If you can't turn on your Harmony or Harmony 2 even though it was plugged in and despite trying the light click and soft reset, it's possible that the clock isn't compatible with the charger you were using or that it was connected to it with a faulty USB-C cable.

Here is what's needed to charge a Harmony or Harmony 2 correctly:

  • The clock requires a USB charger with an output voltage of 5V specifically. This is the standard for USB ports, but some fast chargers also support other, higher voltages. A Harmony might not respond well to chargers with variable voltage, even if 5V is one of the available options.

  • We recommend using 5V chargers with an output current of 1A or more. Chargers that provide less than 1A should still work, but will charge the clock slower.

  • Apple chargers might not be detected by the Harmony/Harmony 2, even if they have a 5V-only output. Apple designs their accessories for their own products specifically. They have a unique way of interacting with devices they're connected to and this may sometimes cause compatibility issues.

  • A worn-out or faulty USB cable can cause charging issues. If you can't charge your Harmony with its original cable and a 5V charger, please try to use another similar cable (USB-A to USB-C).

It's also worth knowing that a Harmony updated to system version 2.0.0 or higher won't charge from a computer's USB port (even though it provides 5V). We disabled this kind of charging to improve the stability of data transfer when connected to Mudita Center.

Please charge your Harmony with a 5V USB charger and if that doesn't work, please try switching the original USB cable to another similar one (USB-A to USB-C)

If you’re unable to charge and activate your Harmony with any of the above tips, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support. Please also let us know in case you find that your original USB cable causes charging issues.

Click here to open a new support ticket.

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