When your Harmony is a new unit or when it runs out of battery power, we recommend charging the device for at least 2-3 hours before using it.

Make Sure Your Clock is Charged

If your Harmony is new and its display shows “Mudita Harmony is switched OFF”, you should be able to activate the device by light-clicking the main button/knob.

If your Harmony does not show this message and will not turn on, it most likely needs to be charged. This applies to situations when the screen is either blank or is showing a crossed-out battery icon.

If the clock’s battery was previously empty, the Harmony should display a charging battery icon when plugged into a compatible charger. If it isn’t empty and displays the “Mudita Harmony is switched OFF” message instead, it will continue to show that, even when it starts to charge.

How To Charge and Activate Your Harmony:

  • Please plug the clock into a compatible USB charger with the USB-C cable, then check its responsiveness by light-clicking the main knob/button. You may need to give it some time to charge before you’ll be able to turn it on.

  • If your Harmony still does not react despite it being plugged into a charger, please try to perform a soft reset by pressing both side buttons at the same time and holding them down for about 5-10 seconds.

  • If the soft reset doesn’t help to activate your device, the Harmony may need more time to charge or it may require a different charger.

  • To charge correctly, the Harmony needs a 5V USB power supply. 5V is the standard voltage for USB ports, however some fast phone chargers have variable voltage and also support higher voltages like 9V, 12V or 20V.

  • Chargers with variable voltage may also work, but only when the Harmony’s battery isn’t already empty. That’s why your alarm clock might not charge with the power adapter that you’re using, even if it works well with other devices or if it previously charged your Harmony.

If you’re unable to charge and activate your Harmony with any of the above tips, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support.

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