Here is a quick guide on how to set the time of the alarm on a Mudita Bell and turn the alarm on and off.

Set the Alarm Time

In order to set the time of the alarm, please turn the larger knob on the back of the device (the one with the orange dot) in the direction pointed by the arrow.

Twisting the knob in the other direction may cause the alarm to ring at the wrong time. Click here for more information about alarm inaccuracies.

Turning the Alarm On and Off

In order to activate and deactivate the alarm, please deep-press the main knob on top of the device. Deep-pressing the knob will cause it to change its position and make the orange strip either visible or not.

The orange strip serves as a visual indication of if the alarm is on or off, as explained here:

  • If the orange strip is visible, that means the alarm is active and will ring when the clock's hour hand reaches the orange alarm hand.

  • If the orange strip is not visible, that means the alarm is turned off and will not ring.

You can refer to the image below as a visual guide: