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Why Does My Bell or Bell 2 Ring the Alarm at the Wrong Time?

When the alarm is activated on a Mudita Bell or Bell 2, it will ring when the clock's hour hand (the shorter black one) reaches the alarm hand (the orange one).

Mechanical Alarm Clock Accuracy

It's normal for the alarm to sound a few or several minutes before or after when it's expected. The Bell and Bell 2 have an analog, mechanical design that isn't accurate to the minute, as would be the case with digital clocks like the Mudita Harmony.

If the discrepancies are longer than about 5-10 minutes, it's possible that the mechanism was spun in the opposite direction when the alarm time was being set. The correct direction is marked by an arrow visible on the knob that's used to set the alarm time. It's only meant to spin that way and doing so in reverse can cause the alarm to be very inaccurate.

To resolve this, please try to set the alarm again, and only spin the mechanism in the specified direction.

Alarm Still Inaccurate?

If you set your alarm time correctly and your Mudita Bell or Bell 2 displays severe alarm inaccuracy noticeably larger than the margin of error described above, please let us know. Click here to contact Customer Support.

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