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Mudita Bell and Bell 2 - Maintenance Tips

The Mudita Bell and Bell 2 alarm clocks don't require any special maintenance, but there are a few things to keep in mind to allow the clocks to perform as intended.

Keep the Battery Charged

For all of the clock's functions to work correctly, it's important to keep its battery at a sufficient state of charge. If the battery is close to empty, some features might not be able to operate at full capacity. The Bell and Bell 2 don't need frequent charging and with moderate use, they can last for even a few months on a single charge. The clock should also signal when the battery is low to notify the user that it needs to be plugged in.

Click here for more information about charging the Mudita Bell or Bell 2 and monitoring their battery status.

Avoid Spinning the Mechanism in Reverse

The time and alarm time on the Bell and Bell 2 are set by two knobs on the back of the clocks. They each have an arrow pointing in the direction, in which they should be spun. Please avoid twisting these knobs in the opposite direction. Spinning them in reverse may lead to the clock or alarm losing accuracy and may in some cases cause damage to its mechanism.

If you did spin the knobs in reverse and noticed the clock becoming less accurate, please do a full rotation in the specified direction. This will in many cases restore its accuracy.

Click here for more information on how to set the alarm on a Mudita Bell and Bell 2.

Keep the Clock in an Upright Position

Another thing to keep in mind to ensure optimal operation of the mechanism in your Bell or Bell 2 is to keep the clock on a flat surface and in an upright position. Please avoid placing the clock on its back or it in a way that puts pressure on the knobs for setting the time and alarm.

Avoid Excessive Moisture and Harsh Chemicals

Like with most electronic devices, it's best to keep the Mudita Bell or Bell 2 away from moisture to avoid damaging the clock. To clean it, we recommend using a clean, dry cloth and not use any harsh detergents that could stain the plastic.

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