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Using the Timer Feature on a Mudita Bell 2

The Mudita Bell 2 has a timer that can be set for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. This feature is absent in the first-generation Bell.

Setting the Timer

To set the timer, first make sure that the alarm is deactivated. This means the main button should be in the position where the orange strip is hidden. If the alarm is turned on, the timer will not work.

Press the timer button 1-4 times to begin the countdown. It will start at 15 minutes with one press and each next click will add 15 minutes to the timer. The maximum time that can be counted down is 60 minutes. A voiced message will confirm the timer length and it will automatically start counting after the confirmation. You can add more time to the countdown until this confirmation. Pressing the timer or any other button after the message will deactivate the timer.

The clock face will light up in a pulstating rhythm during the countdown, signalling that the timer is active. It's not possible to disable this light signal.

When the timer goes off, it will be indicated by another sound.

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