In this release, we focused on bugfixes. We have fixed 18 bugs occurring in our application.



  • Fixed the problem of showing the data section when the phone is disconnected during restore.


  • Fixed the problem with selecting contacts to import from Google with a large contact database.


  • Fixed an issue with forcing an update to the required version of Mudita Center.


  • Unified the process of starting new threads for saved and unsaved contacts.
  • Fixed an issue with an erroneous message when trying to delete a message during sending.


  • Added or improved translations in the Mudita Center application.


  • The ability to close the delete progress modal has been removed.


  • Fixed an issue with the inability to send crashdumps from Harmony to support.
  • Fixed a problem with the missing confirmation message when logs are sent successfully.
  • Fixed a problem with the missing message after failed log uploads.
  • Added formatting of text from crashdump report sent by contact support.

Files Manager:

  • Fixed problem with different file size calculations for file list and music section.


  • Fixed handling of displaying long paths of backup locations.