When your Bell is a new unit or when it runs out of battery power, we recommend charging the device for at least 2-3 hours before using it. Charging from 5% to 100% should take about 5 hours.

The Bell can last for up to 3 months of moderate use on a single charge. This can be considerably shortened by frequent use of the backlight or letting the alarm play long and on high volume.

If your Bell does not sound the alarm or shine the backlight, but the clock's hands are still spinning, it most likely has a nearly empty battery.

How to charge and activate your Mudita Bell:

  • Please plug the device into a USB charger or a computer’s USB port using the included USB-C cable or another similar cord. The clock should sound a signal when it's plugged into a compatible charger. It will also activate if it was previously turned off (if it's new).

  • If your Bell still does not react despite it being plugged into a charger, please try to perform a factory reset by pressing both side buttons at the same time and holding them down for about 5-10 seconds. Release the buttons when you hear a ring signal and the backlight goes off.

  • If the soft reset doesn’t help to activate your device, the Bell may need more time to charge or it may require a different charger.

  • To charge correctly, the Bell needs a 5V USB power supply. 5V is the standard voltage for USB ports, however some fast phone chargers have variable voltage and also support higher voltages like 9V, 12V or 20V.

  • Chargers with variable voltage may also work, but only when the Bell's battery isn’t already empty. That’s why your alarm clock might not charge with the power adapter that you’re using, even if it works well with other devices or if it previously charged your Bell.

  • If none of the USB chargers available to you seem to work, we recommend charging the Bell using a computer’s USB port, which should always have a 5V output.

Battery level status

To check the battery level, press light click on the main button for 2 seconds. The battery level will be indicated by distinct light and sound combinations:

  • 95-100% of battery level
    The device will light up and sound 3 times. This means the Bell is fully charged and doesn't need to be charged.
  • 50-95% of battery level
    The device will light up and sound 2 times. This means there is still enough power and the Bell doesn't need to be charged.
  • 5-50% of battery level
    The device will light up and sound 1 time. This means the Bell still works and has some power, but will require charging soon. It's a good idea to charge it at this stage to keep it working.
  • 0-5% of battery level
    The device will flash the backlight 3 times and sound its low battery signal. This means the battery is empty or close to empty and the Bell should be charged immediately.

Low battery warning

When the battery level drops below 5%, the Bell will activate its low level battery warning. Any interaction with the clock will then cause its backlight to flash and the low battery signal to sound. In this mode, the clock's features are limited to time indication and the alarm. The clock then needs to be charged to restore its full functionality. Leaving it in this state will cause the battery to discharge completely.

If you’re unable to charge and activate your Harmony with any of the above tips, it might be a defective unit. In this situation, please contact Mudita Customer Support and we’ll help you open a warranty case to have the device repaired or replaced.