When you first receive a new Mudita Bell, we recommend starting out by charging the device for at least 2-3 hours.

Your Bell should sound a signal when you plug it in to a compatible charger. Charging it should also activate the device. If you don't hear anything when you plug it in, it most likely doesn't work with the charger that you tried it with. If that's the case, it's a good idea to try a different one with a 5V output or to charge it through a computer's USB port, which should always be 5V.

Our chargers that are now being included with our alarm clocks should charge the device just fine.

If your Bell does not sound the alarm or shine the backlight, but the clock's hands are still spinning, it most likely has a nearly empty battery.

If your clock seems to be unresponsive for any reason, please try to perform a factory reset. This can help resolve many issues. To do a factory reset of your Bell, please press both side buttons on top of the device (settings and light buttons) and hold them down for about 5-10 seconds. Release the buttons when you hear a ring signal and the backlight goes off.

If you're unable to charge or activate your new Mudita Bell, click here for more information on troubleshooting the issue.

To set the clock's time, please rotate the smaller knob on the back of the device in the direction shown by the arrow.

To set the alarm time, please rotate the larger knob on the back of the device (the one with the orange dot) in the direction shown by the arrow.

Please note that spinning the mechanism in the opposite direction can cause the alarm time to be inaccurate.

Click here for information on how to set the alarm tone, volume, and alarm backlight.