We understand that one of the first things people might notice is the cost. However, just like everything we do here at Mudita, there are specific reasons why the price point is what it is. We love products which help promote a more sustainable, empowered, and fulfilling life. That said, Mudita Pause is NOT a mass-produced product. The cards were created & made in Warsaw, Poland, where labor and production costs are substantially higher due to the fair wages being paid to employees. The cards are printed on Munken Lynx paper, which has a reputation around the world as one of the highest-quality uncoated fine papers available. What’s even more important, the paper is produced in an environmentally friendly way, in Munkedal, Sweden. You can say that the environment is at the heart of Munken paper. The Munkedal paper mill has the reputation of being home to one of the world’s most eco-friendly paper mills. This, of course, impacts the price of the paper. Good quality paper also means a longer-lasting, more durable product. This is especially important when a product, like Mudita Pause, is meant to be used regularly, with the intent on lasting a long time. Moreover, the cards contain unique text & beautiful, distinct illustrations which were commissioned especially for this project and created by talented individuals, who also deserve credit for their amazing work. So, you see, when you factor in all these reasons, the price is really quite reasonable. The world has gotten so used to cheap, mass-produced products, which not only harm the people taking part in the production, but also damage our environment, that sometimes we don’t realize what the true cost of a product really is. Here at Mudita, we are passionate not only about living in harmony with nature and its creatures, but also living in harmony with our society, by contributing to fair trade practices at every step of our existence. Hopefully, this has helps you understand the price-point of the cards.