Mindful Cards for Offline Moments

Regain deep focus with this mindfulness card deck. Note the words of wisdom that come to your mind. Feel the structure of a premium, natural paper in your hand. Reconnect to nature and the present moment.

Mindfulness card deck

The Mudita Pause is a mindfulness card deck, designed to create a moment of pause and deep focus in a world full of distraction and overstimulation.

The Cards are based on observation and visualisation of the natural world and its phenomena. They depict interconnection between humans and the natural environment.

Better understanding of our relationship with the world

By genuinely paying attention to one’s surroundings, this guided exercise helps to evoke compassion towards the natural environment and other living creatures. It shows how humanity is irrevocably intertwined with the trails of nature. 

As a result, it may foster a better understanding of our relationship with the world.