In this update, we concentrated on fixing bugs and enhancing the overall user experience in the Mudita Center application.

We've resolved 6 key bugs across multiple features, detailed below:


  • Resolved an issue causing connection disruption during the deletion of numerous contacts.

  • Enhanced the preview of search results when looking for contacts within the Contacts and Messages sections.


  • Corrected issues related to creating device backups and switching devices.

File Manager:

  • Fixed a bug where Mudita Center did not halt the file transfer upon device disconnection.

  • Introduced the ability to cancel file uploads if the selected number of files exceeds the Mudita Harmony upload limit.

  • Implemented a feature to upload only supported files, preventing the interruption of the process when unsupported files are included in the selection.


  • Improved the formatting of headlines in the News section.

  • Modified the connection error process for increased user-friendliness.

  • Updated text within the contacts import process for enhanced intuitiveness.