Here is how you can adjust the alarm melody and volume and control whether or not the clock face will light up during the alarm.

Alarm Settings

  • Use a long press on the melody button for at least two seconds to change the alarm melody. The first melody will start playing.

  • Press the melody button again to play the next melody. You can choose from nine different sounds. Click here to see the list of available sounds and listen to each one.

  • Rotate the main button to adjust volume level.

  • Each melody will be played for 60 seconds. Then, without any interaction, settings will be saved automatically. Use another long press on the melody button to save changes as well.

Enable or Disable the Alarm Light

  • To turn on the light when the alarm goes off, use a long press on the light button for at least two seconds. Then the light will turn on. To turn the light on and off, rotate the main knob. To save changes, use a long press on the button again. Changes will automatically be saved after five seconds without interaction.

  • While the light is on, rotate the main button to increase or decrease the light intensity.