The Harmony has 17 different pre-defined alarm sounds to choose from. It isn't possible for users to add more alarm sounds to the Harmony's library.

Alarm Sound Library

Here is a list of all Mudita Harmony alarm sounds in the same order as they appear in the clock's menu:

  1. Morning Dew

  2. Tongue Drum

  3. Koshi Dream

  4. Tibetan Bowls

  5. Reverie Harp

  6. Tranquil Rainstick

  7. Hawaiian Blues

  8. Sunrise Guitar

  9. Acoustic Vibes

  10. Back Porch

  11. Cowboy Chords

  12. Bubbling Brook

  13. Autumnal Sea

  14. Natures Harmony

  15. Delightful Morning

  16. Always With You

  17. Love Peace and Harmony