The Mudita Bell is designed to be as quiet as possible so that it doesn't cause a disturbance in the bedroom. However, it's not not completely silent, since it still has an analog, mechanical design.

Quiet Flowing Mechanism

The Bell doesn't tick like most conventional clocks, but it does still have a mechanism with spinning cogs, which produces a very slight, constant sound. In normal conditions, this sound shouldn't be noticeable to the user. It's possible to hear when listening closely.

Louder than Usual?

If your Mudita Bell has an unusually loud mechanism that disturbs you at night or if it's making any irregular sounds (other than what's described above), it might be a faulty unit. In this situation, please contact Mudita Customer Support and we’ll help you open a warranty case to have the device repaired or replaced. Click here to open a new support ticket.