In this release, we have added sending status for the messages, also search functionality to the Messages app. In addition, we added a limit on the number of characters entered when entering contacts. We fixed 13 bugs in our application.



  • Sending status for the message

  • Message search functionality


  • Formatting to a text field in the customer support modal


  • Limit of 32 characters when entering contact data



  • Fixed a problem with de-selecting multiple messages after cancelling the delete action


  • Fixed the display of long telephone numbers

  • Fixed an issue with the ".vcf" extension not being displayed with contacts exported from a VCF file

  • Fixed a problem with displaying the wrong import progress percentage

  • Fixed an issue with the inability to import contacts containing more than one email address

  • Fixed the button - Deselect all contacts

  • Fixed an issue with the application crashing in the contacts section when a large number of contacts are saved

  • Fixed an issue with contacts not being displayed without a number in Mudita Center