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Does the Pure Have GPS? Will I Be Tracked By 3rd Parties?

The Mudita Pure can be a great device for limiting the possibility of being tracked. The phone never connects to the Internet or interacts with GPS.

GPS Unavailable

Although a GPS module is physically present in the Pure (the phone's PCB includes it as a standard component), it is disconnected and completely inactive.

In order for GPS to work (i.e. to be able to read the position of the phone from the module), it is necessary to add an antenna track and a GPS antenna. Due to the fact that at a certain stage of the project we assumed the installation of a GPS module, such an antenna track was added to the PCB. However, the most important element - the antenna itself - is missing. Consequently, without a soldered antenna, GPS will not work. To sum up - Mudita Pure does not and will not support GPS.

No Tracking by Third Parties

The Mudita Pure does not use an internet connection, so it's impossible for the user to be tracked onilne. No third parties would have any access to the your information stored on the phone. However, it can still be possible for your carrier to track your calls and text messages.

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