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Can I Lock the Phone With a PIN or Password?

Yes, it is possible to have both a PIN and a passcode on a Mudita Pure.

PIN Code

A PIN code is assigned to a SIM card. If you place a SIM card with a set PIN code in the Pure, you will be asked to provide the code when turning on the phone. You can set, change, or remove the PIN code in the phone's settings.

System Passcode

The Pure also has an extra security feature in the form of a passcode set on the device. This is different from the PIN code, which you will be asked to provide only when turning on the phone. If the Pure has a set pass code, it will need to provided every time you unlock the phone. It will also be required in Mudita Center when you connect your phone to the application.

A pass code can be set in the Pure's initial configuration stage (when the phone is turned on for the first time or after a factory reset) or in the phone's settings.

Important Notice

Please remember your passcode if you decide to set one! Resetting the Pure without knowing the passcode is only possible via the bootloader. Please be aware that doing this will delete all data that you may have had on the device.

We recommend making regular backups of your phone's data through Mudita Center so that you can restore it after such a reset if you ever need to go through this process.


How to Reset the Mudita Pure With the Bootloader Feature:

  • Please begin by turning off the Pure

  • Next, hold down the power button and center button at the same time - the bootloader menu should appear within a few seconds

    If the bootloader menu does not appear and the phone turns on, please turn it off and try the same key combination again

  • Once you see the bootloader menu on the screen, please press "2 - Factory reset"

    The menu will disappear and a "factory reset" label will be displayed on the screen, then the phone will turn off and its screen will go blank

  • After the process is complete, you can turn on the phone again - it should boot up in onboarding mode, just like a new device

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