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What are the Mudita Pure's SAR values?

We have tested the Mudita Pure for SAR compliance for the phone's FCC and CE certifications. The ratings are as follows:

Head SAR Rating:


  • 0.06 W/kg (over 10g/Cellular)

  • 0.09 W/kg (over 10g/Simultaneous Cellular + Bluetooth)


  • 0.07 W/kg (over 1g/Cellular)

  • 0.14 W/kg (over 1g/Simultaneous Cellular + Bluetooth)

Body SAR Rating:


  • 0.62 W/kg (over 10g/Cellular)

  • 0.63 W/kg (over 10g/Simultaneous Cellular + Bluetooth)


  • 1.13 W/kg (over 1g/Cellular)

  • 1.17 W/kg (over 1g/Simultaneous Cellular + Bluetooth)

Worth Knowing

The differences in SAR ratings for the EU and USA are caused by different testing methods used for FCC and CE certifications. Please refer to the full test reports for the complete data and detailed information about the phone's EMF emissions in various conditions.

Links to Full Test Reports:

Mudita Pure's SAR Compared to Other Phones

To the best of our knowledge, Mudita Pure has the lowest SAR (Head) value of all the mobile phones currently available on the market.

We have included a SAR Checker tool on our website, where you can look up radiation levels of various popular phone models and compare them to the Pure.

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