In this issue we focused on bugfix. 



  • Fixed an issue with a low phone signal that prevented text messages from being sent.

Music Player:

  • Fixed issue with music not pausing when BT device is disconnected.


  • Fixed issue with message handling in which characters not supported by Pure appear.

  • Fixed problem with message display on Pure for Verizon network.

  • Fixed a problem with parts of an old message appearing in a new one.

SIM Card:

  • Fixed problem with error popping up when trying to change SIM card PIN code.

  • Fixed problem occurring when changing SIM1 to SIM2 card.

  • Fixed issue with displaying an active SIM card other than the one selected by the user.


  • Fixed problem with alarm activation despite low battery level.


  • Fixed an issue with the screen not displaying a message about changing the phone mode from DND/Offline/Connected.