Planned release date - 11.2022 

Below, you'll find an outline of features and fixes we're currently working on.
The presented list contains our priorities, which will eventually be implemented.The final release & features are subject to change. 

Release Plan:

Home Screen:

  • Icon informing about battery status.


  • Option to set date.


  • Option to see Meditation statistic from last 7, 30, 365 days. 

  • Preview a countdown before the Meditation starts.

  • New meditation progress layout.

  • Additional start delay interval - up to 90s.


Mudita Center:

  • Fixing the problem with errors while connecting device to Mudita Center.

Main menu:

  • Fixing the problem with Harmony restarts after deep-press.


  • Fixing the problem with alarm light flashing during snooze time.

Bedtime reminder:

  • Fixing an issue with not pausing music notifications at bedtime.


  • Fixing the problem with wrong alarm status message when setting alarm from menu.

  • Fixing the spelling of the titles of two soundtracks in the alarms application.

  • Fixing an issue with the welcome message not being displayed when the alarm is turned off.


  • Fixing the view of diacritic signs.


  • Fixing the inconsistencies in welcome messages.


  • Updating screens according to design.


  • Fixing the gaps in translations.